How to Bass Volume 3: Macro Economics

How to Bass Volume 3: Macro Economics


This is a pack of sounds made with 11 Patcher patches utilizing macros. Evil and ridiculously heavy sounding bass patches under the control of one or two knobs each. 250 sounds available to you as well as the 11 Patcher patches in this pack.

A hungry sounding squishy bass designed to fill the lows and mids with wet gnarly goodness.

A whippy feeling thick sounding bass.

Death Chew:
A perilous crunchy sound.

Evil Air:
Processed echos of past deeds thought forgotten.

Faux Reese:
A reese, or is it?

Faux Reese 2:
It might be, but would it?

Fuzzy washed out but resonant mid range bass. Better played with higher than usual pitches.

Part of a well balanced bass diet.

Not terribly clear on what note it is.

Barely put together, but all there all the time.

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